DEEP, DPH, DECD, PURA, DAS, DRS. If these seem like a blur of letters, you should think again.

These acronyms are shorthand for state agencies which can exert tremendous influence and control, not only on your individual business, but on industries as a whole,  and not always in a good way.

Businesses need to be aware that local and state government administrative agencies are regularly adopting and changing rules that impact your business. Having an attorney who understands these agencies and, more importantly understands how to deal with these agencies on your behalf, can save you tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours all of which would be better spent on growing your business.

I spent over six years working as an administrative attorney for the state of Connecticut. I understand how the bureaucracy works and how to navigate through it.  Having an attorney who is experienced in administrative law and who can guide you through the morass of regulations that are ever changing will only serve to help your business survive the process and grow. Contact me by filling out a contact form or calling my office today.