The Law Office of Benjamin S. Proto, Jr. provides advice and guidance regarding all types of business activity. As the lead attorney in a full-service business law practice, I advise and represent businesses and entrepreneurs of all sizes and types. Because I work with each client personally, we are able to build a strong foundation of trust. Whether you are starting up a business, forming a partnership or joint venture, establishing a corporation, seeking licensing or permits, or involved in any other business action, my credentials, experience, and skill set will ensure that we make progress effectively and efficiently.

Helping You Begin

As the economy continues to improve, more people are starting their own businesses or purchasing existing ones. In order to put your new or newly purchased business on the right track, you need a highly competent business attorney at your side. As with so many other projects, it is essential to set up a workable structure if you want your enterprise to be successful.

Determining the Type of Entity You Should Form

There are several possible ways to structure a business entity and I am eager to provide advice as to the pros and cons of each structure and which would best serve you and your business. Each type of structure has its advantages and downsides. Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership (including an LLP)
  • Joint venture
  • S or C corporation
  • Limited liability corporation (LLC)
  • Stock Corporation

Many issues will play a role in determining the best structure for your business, including foreseeable size, tax liabilities, local, state, and federal laws, and preparations for contingencies, including the death of the owner. Discussing various possibilities before you are too far along in the process is, of course, best, so that you shape your business to suit your needs and expectations.

Approvals and Permits

In addition to considering your own needs and desires, it is important to make sure that your structure and asset holdings, including real estate needs, are handled correctly. I will assist you in obtaining all necessary approvals and permits to ensure that you have ownership or legal access to the property in question and that all health, zoning, building, and environmental codes have been met. Mistakes in filing the proper papers and meeting governmental regulations can result in loss of time and money that will put your business at a distinct disadvantage and may possibly even cause your budding business to fail.

Particular Legal Services for Business

Once you have decided which type of business entity you want to form, I will perform some or all of the following functions:

  • Prepare organizational documents; file them with appropriate government agencies
  • Develop operating agreements, shareholder agreements, or buy-sell agreements
  • Secure all necessary approvals and permits
  • Deal with zoning, building, health, and environmental regulations
  • Advise you on matters of due diligence

If you are buying or selling a business, I will advise you on structuring the transaction and help you to negotiate its specific terms so that your best interests are served. I am well-prepared to work with other professionals — accountants, engineers, architects, brokers, and other attorneys — to make sure everything necessary to make your business get off to a good start and continue to thrive is accomplished.

As your business lawyer, I will be available after the deal is done to work with you to develop the necessary agreements and contracts to protect you in your dealings with your customers your vendors, and, depending on the type of entity we have created, your shareholders. I will also draft, review and negotiate asset purchase agreements, stock purchase agreements, and security agreements.

Once you have the satisfaction of having created a viable business, I will be there to continue to serve your legal needs. I pride myself on answering my own phone and responding to my own email and texts. You can reach me whenever necessary, knowing that you will receive personal attention and excellent legal advice. If you are located anywhere in Connecticut, you can contact me through my website’s contact page, or by calling me at 203.307.2915.