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Election Law

Thinking about running for public office?

Have you been asked to serve as Treasurer for a campaign, or manage a political campaign?

Do you want to form a Political Action Committee to bring about change?

All of these things involve compliance with a myriad of state and federal election, which may overlap. A mistake in completing your required financial disclosures can cost you an election, as well as a monetary fine.

Not properly documenting absentee ballot applications could land you in front of a criminal court.

Today’s campaigns are 24/7 operations that are governed by laws which may date back decades, and attempting to comply with them in today’s digital age poses all kinds of legal and political challenges.

Whether it is Ballot Access, qualifying for a primary, absentee ballot campaigns, fundraising issues, ballot security, recounts, internal party issues, you and your campaign need sound legal advice.

It is important that your campaign have an attorney who, not only understands the law surrounding campaigns and elections, but also understands the politics of the campaign and can provide the appropriate legal guidance in a way that melds with the campaign strategy.

As an experienced elections and campaign attorney, with over 25 years of political experience, including serving as Counsel and Chief Counsel to the Connecticut House Republican caucus, managing local, state and federal campaigns, providing legal and political advice to elected officials, campaign committees, party committees, candidates, and PACs, before both the Federal Elections Commission and the Connecticut State Elections Enforcement Commission, I am well prepared to work with you and your political operation. Contact my office today.

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